Spring harrow heavy Green Ray 6.5 m WTD

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Spring harrow heavy Green Ray 6.5 m WTD

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Harrow spring heavy Green Ray WTD with front discs and working width of 6.5 m.
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Heavy harrow spring Green Ray WTD with a set of front discs and a working width of 6.5 m is designed for:

  • uniform distribution of crop residues over the field;
  • accelerating the process of decomposition of crop residues by cutting with discs and mixing with the topsoil;
  • spring harrowing in order to destroy the surface crust;
  • weed control in the "white thread" phase (combing out weeds);
  • closing off moisture by interrupting capillary flow from the lower soil layers;
  • leveling the soil surface after the main processing;
  • planting seeds and fertilizers;
  • continuous tillage during fallow care and preparation for sowing.

Design features of the Green Ray WTD 6.5 m heavy spring harrow:

  • five rows of spring teeth with a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 760 mm;
  • hydraulically adjustable independent spring-loaded front discs;
  • hydraulically adjustable angle of attack;
  • hydraulic folding of working elements with their automatic blocking for transportation;
  • the dimensions in the transport position correspond to the European standards.


Working width, m ... 6.5
Working length, m ... 3.3
Length during transportation, m ... 3.3
Height during transportation, m ... 3.6
Transportation width, m ... 2.95
Total weight, t ... 2.30
Number of sections with scrapers, pcs ... 2
Number of scrapers, pcs ... 50
Distance between scrapers in a row, m ... 0.63
Number of rows with scrapers per section, pcs ... 5
Distance between single spring tines of the harrow, mm ... 63
Depth of processing, mm ... 0-80
Adjustment of the angle of attack of the scraper teeth ... hydraulic stepless
Number of turbo disks ... 20
Diameter of turbo disks, mm ... 440
Spacing of turbo disks, m ... 0.31
Tractor hitch ... hinged NU-3
Hydraulic requirement:
folding ... 1 spool
scraper angle adjustment ... 1 spool
adjustment of the working depth of discs ... 1 spool
Hydraulic system pressure, bar ... 180
Minimum tractive power of the tractor, h.p. ... 130
For deep processing, it is recommended, h.p. ... 180
Number of attendants, people ... 1
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