State compensation for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment from Avers-Agro.

Avers-Agro company is an accredited participant of the state program of compensation for the cost of agricultural machinery and equipment of domestic production!

When purchasing agricultural machinery from Avers-Agro, you will receive compensation from the state up to 40% of the purchase price.
Our position is 170 in the updated list of domestic machinery and equipment for the agro-industrial complex, the cost of which is partially offset by budget funds.
You can download the list here.

The list of machinery and equipment subject to compensation:

  • Vertical Tillage machine
  • Rotary Harrow
  • Flex Harrow
  • Spike Tooth Harrow
  • Spring Harrow
  • Disc Harrow
  • Inter Row Cultivator
  • Field Cultivator
  • Ripper
  • Roller Crimper
  • Harvester 
  • Drill
  • Row Cleaner
  • Stalk Stomper
  • Leveling basket
  • Spring Harrow segment