The company "Avers-Agro" took part in 10th International Exhibition of Innovative Solutions in Grain Farming - "CEREAL TECHNOLOGIES", which took place on February 18-20, 2020 in Kiev on the territory of the IEC.

The company Avers Agro presented to the visitors several stands and units. In our exposition, you could see: a vertical-til turbocultivator a green path with a wave width of 2.6 m, a harrow a light green path of 7 m, a green Euro star rotatsіyna with a delight width of delight of 5.8 m, a stand, a stand, a cultivating cultivator, a stand and valve for unloading BigBegs.
The company's specialists will answer all your questions.

Verti-til turbocultivator green path wave width of 2.6 m. Hold. Compensation up to 40% .- https://avers-agro.com.ua/verti-till_turbokultivator_green_wave_26m
Green Way train harrow 7 m - https://avers-agro.com.ua/ukr/shlejf_borona_zubovaja_7m
The green star of the euro rotacion with a width of delight of 5.8 years. m-https: //avers-agro.com.ua/ukr/borona_rotacionnaja_green_star_5.8m_so_smennymi_zubami