Spring harrow hydraulic BPS-14

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Article: 10310

Spring harrow hydraulic BPS-14

In stock
Article: 10310
Spring harrow 14 m - designed for leveling the field surface, destroying the soil crust, crumbling lumps, destroying and combing weakly rooted weeds on crops of grain crops and industrial crops, planting seeds and fertilizers, aggregated with a tractor for at least 80 hp.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 80 hp
318 000 грн
289 100 грн
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Spring Harrow BPS-14.
  Designed for tillage, pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowing of field crops, destruction of soil crust, destruction of weeds, moisture closure during pre-sowing harrowing, winter harrowing, leveling the field surface, uniform distribution of plant residues over the field.

   After processing the field, a mulched layer is created, which prevents the evaporation of moisture from the deep layers of the soil, while weeds are effectively destroyed without clogging the harrow springs. The transport position of the harrow allows you to quickly move from field to field, without wasting time.
   The working sections consist of four rows of spring teeth located offset from each other in increments of 42 mm. This arrangement of the springs allows the field to be processed without gaps.
An adjustable angle of inclination of the teeth makes it possible to cultivate the soil at different depths, to use a spring harrow for different purposes. The angle of the teeth is adjustable from 15 ° to 90 ° with an interval of 15 °.

Technical characteristics

Performance, ha/h 12,6
working speed, max, km/h 9
Transport speed, not more, km/h 20
working width, m 14
Type trailers
Depth processed (harrow BZTS-1.0 s – 42 kg), cm 8
Number of sections of teeth harrows (BZTS-1.0 s – 42 kg), PCs 14
the Total number of teeth, PCs 280
length 7,8
width, m 14
height, m 0,8
the Transport length, m 6,8
Transportation width, m 3,5
Transportation height, m 1,4
Weight (with harrows BZTS-1.0 s), kg 1650
Power of tractor engine, min, L. C. 80
attendants number 1


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