Rotary harrow with turbo knives Turbo Star 7 Euro trailed

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Article: 10623

Rotary harrow with turbo knives Turbo Star 7 Euro trailed

In stock
Article: 10623
Rotary harrow Turbo Star Euro trailed working width 7 m, trailed method of aggregation.
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not less than 80 hp
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Rotary harrow Turbo Star Euro trailed with turbo blades and working width 7 m:

  • it consists of a central frame and folding wings, the transfer of the wings from the transport position to the working position and vice versa is carried out using two hydraulic cylinders installed on the central frame of the harrow;
  • designed to work in fields with crop residues (sunflower, corn, etc.);
  • crushing the solid surface soil layer and crushing crop residues;
  • mulches the top layer of the soil and reliably closes moisture, the degree of moisture retention in the soil increases three times, especially effective in regions with an arid climate or unstable precipitation;
  • saturates the soil with oxygen and nitrogen;
  • can be used for inter-row processing of plants up to 35 cm in height (7-8 leaves), for which it is necessary to remove the sections of the working bodies that interfere with processing.

Advantages and design features of the trailed rotary harrow with Turbo Star 7 Euro turbo blades:

  • it is used in various soil and climatic zones when processing soils of different mechanical composition with a moisture content of up to 28% and a hardness of up to 3.5 MPa (35 kg / cm²), not clogged with stones, flagstones and other obstacles;
  • working bodies of the harrow are 18-wave turbo knives mounted on a spring-loaded rack;
  • the vertical vibration of the turbo knives affects the ground like a jackhammer, crushing the soil below the working depth, breaking soil compaction and creating conditions for the accumulation and preservation of soil moisture;
  • is aggregated with wheeled and tracked tractors with engine power corresponding to the working width of a particular model from 65 hp;
  • certified production of an international level;
  • service personnel - 1 person (tractor driver);
  • hydraulics warranty - 3 years;
  • Reinforced rack with turbo knives is made of a solid pipe 50x50x5 mm without welded seams from steel 20, the guarantee for the rack is 12,000 hectares;
  • in friction units, bushings made of a special composite material are used, which do not require maintenance; the material is patented, the author's development of the Avers-Agro company, the guarantee for the bushings is 15,000 hectares;
  • bushing on the bracket and rocking chair (made of a special composite material), does not require lubrication and allows you to copy the soil relief and provides the same working depth;
  • each turbo knife is equipped with two sealed, maintenance-free bearings from SKF, additionally protected by anthers;
  • bearing unit guarantee - 2000 hectares;
  • an adjustable spring with a diameter of 6 to 12 mm is installed on each section, which provides the necessary deepening on all types of soil, depending on field conditions;
  • working depth range 3-7 cm;
  • distance between turbo knives 11 cm;
  • reinforced 5-bolt hub with two sealed SKF bearings.


Working speed, km / h ... 15-20
Working width of capture, m ... 6.93
Productivity, ha / h ... 10.4-13.9
Depth of processing, mm ... 30-70
Sections with turbo knives, pcs ... 32
Working bodies, pcs ... 64
Step of working bodies, mm ... 110
Weight of one section, kg ... 27
Overall dimensions in working position:
Width, mm ... 7000
Length, mm ... 6657
Height, mm ... 1200
Overall dimensions in transport position:
Width, mm ... 2820
Length, mm ... 5337
Height, mm ... 2726
Unit weight, no more, kg ... 2290
It is aggregated with tractors from 80 hp
Service staff, people ... 1
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