Flex Harrow Green Line 21 m

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Article: 10387

Flex Harrow Green Line 21 m

In stock
Article: 10387
Green Line flex harrow with a working width of 21 m (transport width 4.4 m)
  • budget line Green Line
  • square teeth with bevel in one direction
  • frame 150x150x8 mm solid beam
  • 16 rows of trains
  • 2 angles of attack
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 350 hp
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Flex harrow Green Line with 21 m working width.

The unit is designed for processing soil of different mechanical composition, density to a depth of 5-8 cm before planting and after harvesting various crops, crushing breasts after plowing and deep loosening, embedding seeds and mineral fertilizers, leveling the soil surface, pruning weeds in the phase of "white thread », The destruction of the soil crust, ensures the preservation of moisture in the soil.

Design features and advantages of the Green Line 21 m flex harrow:

  • frame - a welded structure made of rectangular beams 150x150 mm, withstands significant traction forces;
  • good maneuverability on headlands is ensured by the design of the drawbar assembly;
  • the use of flexible joints in the construction of the sections excludes clogging, has high efficiency and reliability, ensures the copying of the field surface;
  • square tines with bevel to one side provide different harrowing depths;
  • working width of capture is achieved by completing the harrow with twelve working sections;
  • the harrow belongs to the heavy class.


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