Flex harrow Green Way 18 m

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Article: 10332

Flex harrow Green Way 18 m

In stock
Article: 10332
Green Way Harrow Dental Train 18 meter wide:
  • rhombic tooth analogue MacFarlane
  • tractor power not less than 320 hp
  • 16 rows of trains
  • 6 angles of attack
  • extreme support wheels with a turn
  • a powerful frame (beam 150x150x8mm) reinforced with a farm
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 320 hp
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The Green Way harrow train with a working width of 18 meters is rapidly gaining popularity among implements for tillage in Ukraine and abroad. The main reason for this success is its versatility and the quality of the field. Due to the design features, each section of the teeth works independently of each other, which allows you to copy the relief of the field. The overlap between the teeth is designed so that the distance between the teeth 16 in the terraced loop equals 1.5 cm. This arrangement enables n p oestriasis many transactions by one unit. Many farmers refuse to cultivate in the direction of the harrow plume, because the depth of tillage in the aggressive position of the teeth reaches 8 cm, which   quite enough for sowing. It is also possible to conduct operations such as GAP br ix peel closure moisture sealing fertilizers alignment field after plowing, etc.

Benefits Zubova daisy Harrow Green Way 18m:  

  • 6 adjustments of angles of attack (2 main 38 °, 50 ° and 4 additional ). Allows you to customize the unit according to the tasks, increases the quality of soil cultivation (authoring of Avers-Agro company).  
  • high-quality tooth . Strong and reliable. It has the shape of a dagger that has undergone heat treatment, which at times increases its resource. 
  • reliable frame . A powerful seamless beam 150x150mm made of S355J2H steel is reinforced with a truss. Central frame on tandem suspension of support wheels.
  • extreme wheels with a turn . Hydraulic cylinders are installed on the extreme support wheels for turning the wheels, which greatly facilitates the folding and folding of the harrow train.


Productivity at a speed of 12km / h, ha / h


Working speed, km / h


Transport speed, no more, km / h


Coverage, m


Aggregation Type


Depth of tillage, mm


Number of loops, pcs


The number of rows in the loop, pcs

8 * 2 = 16

Number of standard teeth, pcs


Number of teeth over a length of 300mm, pcs


Adjusting the angle of attack of the teeth (6 positions)

38 °, 50 ° plus 4 additional

Overall dimensions in working position

length m


width m


Overall dimensions in transport position

length m


height, m


width m


Tractor power, at least HP .


Minimum number of hydraulic outlets


Weight kg


Very easy to use:

  • easily copies soil relief
  • evenly distributes plant debris
  • effectively breaks the breasts of the earth
  • tears the crust from the ground.
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