Flex Harrow Green Way 4.3 m

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Article: 10049

Flex Harrow Green Way 4.3 m

In stock
Article: 10049
Flex Harrow Green Way hinged capture of 4.3 meters of a premium class
  • rhombic tooth analogue McFarLane
  • tractor power from 72 hp
  • 16 rows of trains
  • 6 angles of attack
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 72 hp
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Green Way premium flex harrow with a working width of 4.3 m is designed for:

  • loosening and leveling the surface of the field;
  • crust breakdown and moisture retention in the soil;
  • weed control in the "white thread" stage;
  • even distribution of chopped straw and partial incorporation of crop residues (preservation of nitrogen in the soil);
  • reducing soil erosion;
  • soil preparation for sowing;
  • the cultivation of fallow lands (virgin lands);
  • steam processing;
  • incorporation of fertilizers into the soil.

Design features and advantages of the Green Way 4.3 m flex harrow:

  • flex harrow is used in different soil and climatic zones when processing soils of different texture with moisture up to 28% and hardness up to 3.5 MPa (35 kg / cm²), not clogged with stones, flagstone and other obstacles;
  • flex harrow are aggregated with wheeled and tracked tractors with engine power corresponding to the working width of a particular model;
  • the working body of the harrow - the tooth has a knife-like (rhombic) section and is made of high-strength steel. The approximate service life of the teeth is 8 hectares per tooth, which is approximately the distance covered by the tooth of 5000 km;
  • the rhombic section of the tooth, in comparison with the standard square section of the teeth, with which most harrows are equipped, allows, while ensuring all technological operations, to reduce the load on the tractor's tractive effort by up to 20%, which in turn allows the use of a tractor with a capacity of 80-370 hp. for aggregation with harrows with a working width of 5 to 24 m;
  • adjustment of the angle of attack of the teeth has 2 main positions: aggressive - 38 ° and passive - 50 ° and 4 additional positions;
  • the teeth are fixed on transverse rods, pivotally connected to each other in a 16-row train. And this, in turn, allows you to qualitatively copy the features of the relief during processing;
  • each 16-row train consists of two parts of 8 rows, which can be installed separately if necessary, for example, when the field is excessively clogged or the tractor is insufficiently powered;
  • the pitch of the tooth field when using a 16-row train is 15 mm, with a tooth width of 16 mm, i.e. with such an arrangement of teeth, 100% of the field area is processed.


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