Seed hopper HT 10000

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Article: 10572

Seed hopper HT 10000

In stock
Article: 10572
Seed hopper HT 10000 for seeding complexes.
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Trailed seed hopper HT 10000 for seeding complexes.

Trailed hoppers are designed to work as part of seeding complexes and cultivators with a working width of 6 to 18 m, which ensures the fulfillment of agrotechnical requirements for the technological process of sowing and / or fertilizing.

Advantages of the HT 10000 trailed hopper:

  • transportation of seeds of grain (legumes, herbs) crops and granular mineral fertilizers;
  • dosing of the sown material;
  • pneumatic transportation of the sown material through the seed pipes to the seeder or cultivator, where the sowing material is distributed into the required number of parts, with further movement along the seed pipes to the working bodies.


Height, m ​​... 3.85
Height of the filling hatch, m ... 3.1
Total length with hydraulic auger, m ... 8.6
The total width of the hopper, m ... 3.9
Unloaded weight, kg ... 4420
Capacity of the front section of the hopper, l ... 6000
Hopper rear section capacity, l ... 4000
Metering drive ... mechanical
Seeding rate, kg / ha ... 0 - 350
Rotational speed of the hydraulic fan, rpm ... 4500
Tractor hitch ... pendulum
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