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Rink packer for subsoiler

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Roller packer for John Deere subsoiler 4.3 m
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Packer roller for subsoiler 2m
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Widespread use among farmers and agrarians are such units as deep rippers. They come in different grabs, under different tractors and differ in design. The basis for them is plus or minus one - these are the working bodies in the form of a paw of a straight line or of the “ paraglider ” type, and as a rule they are followed by a packer roller or a crested roller for a deep- ripper But this does not always happen. Often, imported deep-rippers or domestic can go without rollers. The manufacturer of packer rollers for subsoilers can help with this issue.

When is a chisel packer needed?

roller skating rink is installed directly behind the main sections of the working bodies and acts as a finishing link in the process of cultivating the soil. The main task of the skating rink is to level the surface of the soil, shredding crop residues, loosening the soil and breaking up clods and breasts. Thanks to a peculiar design with sharp knives, holes up to 120 mm deep are created in the soil, which improves moisture absorption and drainage. The soil is saturated with oxygen and promotes the activation of beneficial microorganisms.

Where to buy a rink for a subsoiler?

On the Internet, to solve this problem is not difficult and if you devote a little time to this issue, you can find many options. So why you should buy rink shporchaty for glubokor yhlitelya company Avers-Agro? Our main advantage is an individual approach to the client and the individual situation.

Each customer can have dozens of wishes for the product such as:

  • Drum diameter
  • Working width
  • Mounting methods to the frame
  • Material quality
  • Height and thickness of working knives, etc.

All these nuances are specified in the process of discussing the order with the manager and whether the designer will continue to be taken into account.

Chisel rollers can also have additional equipment. plow harrow or a spring harrow can serve as such an addition In our model line there is a large selection of working widths, number of sections, etc.

In order for our engineer to make a miscalculation of the packer roller for the deep ripper, several basic dimensions are needed: the cross section of the rear beam of the frame, the height from the bottom of the beam to the lower point of the working body, the width of the unit and how much to take the roller back. If you have difficulty taking sizes, our specialists can go to the farm and take measurements on their own .