Disk-share harrow 4.7 m

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Article: 10103

Disk-share harrow 4.7 m

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Article: 10103
Daskalova harrow 4.7 m, combines wheels, legs and a heavy skating rink, the type of mounting trailer, tractor power is not less than 360hp. The angle of attack of the front and rear disc ranges from 8° to 25°.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 360 hp
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Unit secondary tillage, combines wheels, legs and a skating rink.

Technical characteristics
operating speed, km/h 15
Vehicle speed km/h 25
Width of capture, m 4,7
the Number of disks, PCs 38
Distance between discs, mm 268
the Diameter of discs, mm 670
Thickness of disks, mm 6
the depth of the treatment discs, mm 200
Number of shares, units 9
Depth of processing paws, mm 350
Weight, kg 7900
tractor Power, at least HP 360


the First row disc - stubble cuts and mixes crop residues

two number of clutches produced treatment of the soil to a depth of 350 mm.

the Second row of disk batteries completes the processing, mixing and leveling background.

Heavy ringed rink evens  & peopletree soil.

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