Disc harrow

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Article: 10105

Disc harrow

In stock
Article: 10105
Heavy disk harrow 7 m, type trailed by tractors with at least 300 HP at Fixed angles of attack of disk batteries: for front - 20°; for rear - 20°.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 300 hp
1 548 800 грн
1 408 000 грн
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Technical characteristics
operating speed, km/h 15
Vehicle speed over km/hour 25
Width of capture, m 7
Transportation width, m 3
the Diameter of discs, mm 670
Distance between discs, mm 268
the Number of disks, PCs 58
Thickness of disks, mm 6
the depth of the treatment discs, mm 200
Weight, kg 7900
tractor Power, at least HP 300


For subsurface tillage of the soil to a depth of 20cm, sealing crop residues and kill weeds. Ideal for cutting layers of soil after plowing of virgin lands, of treatment fields after harvest testosterogenic tilled crops and seedbed preparation without prior plowing.

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