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Bending of metal from the Avers Agro company

Metal bending is one of the most popular services in metalloproizvoditeli, which consists in giving the blank sheet of the necessary forms through its bend. With a flat cut blank is transformed through such manipulations in three-dimensional detail, ready for further use in the designed construction.

This process is one of the most important in the processing of parts, and antecedent to, primary processing of laser cutting and mechanical works. So flexible depends largely on the quality of the part, and to entrust this work to professionals. 

the Company AVERS agro performs bending metal to order perfectly and in accordance with the highest European standards. Used by our specialists this equipment allows to perform work of any complexity with maintaining maximum accuracy. 

Our equipment is equipped with automated lifting mechanism for lifting large parts. And sectioniii back stops on the machines allow you to create three-dimensional details - flattening, rolling, 3D-bending. Bending the complex is able to accurately produce parts of any complexity.

Stages of flexible sheet metal

Precision metal bending in the river from the company AVERS agro takes place in several stages:

  1. Preparation: determination of dimensions, angles and points of bend, of product configuration.
  2. is the Process of cutting metal sheet: is based on a drawing of the intended profile.
  3. the Clamping of sheet using special hydraulic cylinder.
  4. the bending sheet metal through the efforts of a hydraulic press.
  5. the quality control: measurement of the product.

Order bending metal at the best price in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities in online store AVERS agro. Please contact us by phone or through form of application for a quick application.