Chisel 5 m

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Article: 10101

Chisel 5 m

In stock
Article: 10101
Subsoiler 5 m wide trailed
  • processing depth up to 60 cm
  • number of working bodies 10
  • Paraplau work counter
  • distance between racks 50 cm
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 320 hp
610 500 грн
555 000 грн
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Subsoiler with a working width of 5 m.

Designed for deep subsurface loosening of any type of soil, the main purpose of which is to break the so-called plow sole.

A plow sole is a superdense layer of soil under the upper fertile layer. This formation is due to the constant pressure of the tillage agricultural units during regular tillage at the same depth. The plow sole is characterized by an extra-dense layer at a depth of 25-30 cm, which traps moisture and leads to the saturation of the surface soil with water. Therefore, often in early spring water stands in the fields.

Breaking up a superdense layer of soil creates excellent conditions for the growth of cultivated plants. Excess moisture penetrates into the deeper layers of the soil, and in hot weather, moisture rises through the soil pores to the root system of plants. This has a positive effect on crop yields, especially in arid regions.

Advantages and design features of a subsoiler with a working width of 5 m:

  • Designed to work with tractors of increased power from 200 to 360 hp.;
  • the model range is presented with different working widths from 3 m to 6 m;
  • new high-strength one-piece frame, withstands heavy loads;
  • the number of working bodies from 6 to 12 pieces;
  • depth of tillage from 45 to 60 cm;
  • exclusive paw design - stand “paraplau” with adjustable angle of attack, which leads to horizontal displacement of soil, oxygen saturation, improved drainage and moisture absorption;
  • thanks to the “paraplau” stand, the soil layers do not turn over and the soil retains its structure;
  • deep loosening of the soil at high operating speeds, without increased fuel consumption;
  • adjustable in height, this allows you to aggregate a subsoiler with various models of tractors.

"Paraplau" work counter

Optional — "Deltaplau" work counter

Additional equipment:

  • crested packer roller (for loosening, leveling the surface of the soil, breaking lumps and grinding plant residues);
  • dry fertilizer application system.


Type ... trailed
Productivity, ha / h ... 12-16
Working speed, km / h ... 10
Transport speed, km / h ... 15
Coverage, m ... 5
Transport width, m ... 5
The number of working bodies, pcs ... 10
Distance between paws, cm ... 50
Tractor power, not less than hp ... 320

It is used for loosening soils of various mechanical composition (light, heavy, rocky, headlands and tramlines) to a depth of 60 cm.

With the help of its curved racks, it penetrates deep into the ground, breaking the underlay layers, ensuring water permeability and moisture preservation and enrichment with oxygen.

The legs of the deep-ripper slightly raise the soil located between the racks - without turning it over - leaving it in its original position.

Plowing of dense soil layers at a depth of 45 to 60 cm.

Cutting weed roots due to the cross arrangement of the racks.

Subsurface tillage and loosening of vapors in areas of increased wind erosion.

Soil cultivation on a plowed field, on the stubble of grain crops up to 20 cm and after harvesting row crops with preliminary disking.

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