Spring comb 3 rows width 2,5m

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Article: 10364

Spring comb 3 rows width 2,5m

In stock
Article: 10364
Spring comb 3 rows wide 2,5 meter
  • 3 rows of springs
  • spring diameter 12mm
  • 68mm pitch
  • 4 positions of the angle of attack
  • effort on a rake up to 50 kg
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A comb (rake, spring, groomer) for a cultivator or disc harrow is an important part in the process of tillage. After the passage of the main working body, there are bumps, clods of land and plant debris, which can complicate further operations on the field. The three-row comb with a width of 2.5 meters due to vibration during operation provides loosening of the soil, leveling the surface of the field, removing small weed, fertilizing and even distribution of plant residues. Due to the ability to adjust the angle of attack (4 positions), you can achieve the maximum effect depending on the tasks.


  • width 2,5m
  • number of rows of springs: 3
  • spacing between springs: 68mm
  • number of tilt adjustments: 4
  • spring diameter: 12mm
  • adjustment of the pressing force of the comb 10-50 kg

A spring comb is installed on cultivators, disc harrows, seeders and other tillage machines, as additional equipment that helps to improve the quality of field cultivation and auxiliary operations.

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