Grubber Corn Killer 2.5 m

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Article: 10046

Grubber Corn Killer 2.5 m

In stock
Article: 10046
Grubber roots Corn Killer (4 working sections), working width 2.5 m, aggregated with tractors no less than 80 hp.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 80 hp
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Grubber Corn Killer 2.5 m is high-performance unit for pre-sowing tillage.

Removes root residues and their grinding together with the surface part of plant residues.

Works on plant residues of corn, sunflower and other row crops.


  • delays evaporation of moisture due to partial mulching of the soil;
  • regulates the temperature of the surface layer;
  • inhibits the growth of weeds;
  • protects the arable layer from weathering;
  • enriches the soil with organic matter;
  • helps maintain nutrients.


  • Large-diameter V-disks cut and tear out the root system;
  • a packer roller levels the surface of the soil;
  • operates at speeds of 15..20 km / h;
  • thanks to the use of a parallelogram, it perfectly copies the relief of the soil;
  • the required tractor power is 15 ... 20 kW / 20 ... 27 hp on the working tool;
  • pitch of working bodies - 700 mm;
  • available models - from 4 to 16 working tools;
  • models are offered with both solid and folding frames;
  • the eradicator is a worthy alternative to the disc harrow.

high-performance unit operates according to the crop residues of maize, sunflower - krupnomerov cultures.

Is an alternative to the disc harrow.

front-Mounted roller - chopper chopping the plant residues.

V-discs large diameter are cut and rip out the root system.

Heavy duty ice rink is spread and evenly distribute the balances of the surface of the field.

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