Double roller compactor 2.5m

In stock
Article: 10145

Double roller compactor 2.5m

In stock
Article: 10145
Double roller, size 2.5 meters
  • drum diameter 320mm
  • knife thickness 6mm
  • SKF bearings size 209
  • production with individual characteristics is possible
42 160 грн
38 320 грн
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working width: 1m, 1.5 m, 2m, 2.5 m, 3M, etc.

In stock single or double:

  • the slatted bar rink,
  • spiral-slatted skating rink,
  • cage roller.

Depth of processing: 3-5 cm

drum Diameter: 320 mm / 270 mm.

the Number of knives drum: 8 PCs
The knife on the drums:

  • the ith a rectangular cross section,
  • round.

the location of the knives on the drum:

  • the twilled straight.

the Rink is not clogged with earth and plant residues.

the Shape of knives:

  • the flat,
  • curly,
  • tubular.

All rollers are equipped with universal brackets for attachment to various types of frames, allows you to operate the rink with various cultivators and harrows, as well as additional equipment spring or Daisy chain harrows.

Thanks to calculated the helix angle of the working strap rinks, the soil is thrown back and to the side, thereby improving the microrelief of the field, cut weeds and crop residues, it remains only to smooth the treated surface of the field.

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