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Laser cutting of metal

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Laser cutting laser cutting unit Yawei HLF-1530
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Laser cutting is a popular method of figured cutting of sheet metal, which is useful in the manufacture of parts of various complex shapes. The company AVERS agro provides a range of services for laser cutting metal, the price of which you are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

We provide engraving and laser cutting of metal of any complexity and configuration with high precision. This service, available by phone or through the quick inquiry form on our website.

Features and benefits laser metal cutting

the Process of sheet metal cutting is performed using a focused laser beam, which with continued work cuts the material by point heat the metal to its melting temperature. Thereafter, the resulting melt is removed by a gas jet of high pressure. 

Laser cutting has several advantages over plasma, in particular, it:

  • the allows to get more accurate edges for perpendicularity;
  • the heats rather narrow processing area, which reduces the likelihood of deformation during the cutting process and allows to obtain a narrow and high-quality cutting with small heat treatment;
  • the provides high accuracy parts, especially in the formation of the cut small pieces with complex configuration and clearly delineated corners.
  • the has a high performance;
  • the effective for steel up to 6 mm and thus provides high precision and high speed of work;
  • the suitable for laser cutting of aluminum;
  • the leaves no scale in the processing of sheet material.

Where to order cutting of sheet material

the Company AVERS agro specializiruetsya on bending and laser cutting of sheet metal, and uses only the best modern equipment for the most accurate treatment of both individual orders and large parties.

Thanks to the high performance we are able to cope with a huge range of tasks and handle the required number of parts with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. to Order the service of laser cutting and metal bending is possible in our Internet-shop in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper and other Ukrainian cities on the phone.