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Building metal structures manufacturing, application

And the preparation of building metal structures is one of the priority practices of our company For this, a powerful production base has been created at the enterprise The production area of the company and technical equipment allow for the production of metal structures to order for objects of any category of liability. The company's products are of high quality and meet all safety requirements. The capabilities and experience of the company make our proposal for the manufacture and installation of metal structures one of the best in the Dnipro .

Avers-Agro company provides services for the manufacture of metal structures of the following types:

  • Industrial metal structures;
  • etallicheskie beams slabs, columns Erma ;
  • The modular structure warehouse and Ngara ;
  • Embedded parts of various destinations ;
  • estnitsy interior and n aruzhnye, as well as fire ladders ;
  • And architectural objects and various street constructions;
  • To small peaks canopies fences gates , about hail of all kinds ;
  • Plates and fittings on plasma and laser.
  • Metalwork from stainless steel;


Steel Design

A very important step in the manufacture of building metal structures is design. The quality and duration of the future operation of the entire structure depends on the quality of the project. Therefore, it is important to contact qualified specialists for the preparation of design documentation. The staff of Avers-Agro company employs about 10 people of qualified design engineer who will help the customer to competently choose the dimensions, sizes, materials used and other nuances. All projects are carried out using advanced computer technology and have high accuracy and quality. At the end of work on the project, the customer receives a complete picture of the number of materials used, types of materials, level of strength and reliability, 3 model and other information on the basis of which the final price for the product is approved.

Installation and assembly of metal structures

An important process in the construction of metal structures is its assembly and installation. In production, the entire structure is divided into several sections and blocks for ease of installation The customer can assemble the metalwork on their own. In this case, he receives detailed instructions and an assembly project. You can also use the services of our specialists, which include qualified welders, assemblers and other workers. Each employee has extensive experience in the assembly and installation of any metal structures and applies only high-quality imported equipment and materials.

How to order building metal structures in the Dnieper

You can order building metal structures in the Dnieper in the company Avers-Agro, which has vast experience, production facilities and a team of professionals to implement all the client's ideas. An application for miscalculation can be left by calling the phone number listed on the site. The manager will answer all your questions or redirect to a specific specialist regarding a focused solution