Recovery row unit planters

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Article: 10067

Recovery row unit planters

In stock
Article: 10067
Restoration, repair and modernisation for all types of row unit planters, John Deere, Kinze, Great Plains, Pierobon, Sunflower, etc. The price depends on the model planter and is specified after the Troubleshooting.
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the Company AVERS-agro modernizes and overhaul of all types of openers manufacturers (John Deere, Kinze, Great Plains, etc.) with the use of modern materials on high-precision equipment.

Carrying out Troubleshooting row unit planters for identifying nesobrannosti and evaluation of validity of items drills for long-range work.

analysis Troubleshooting the complex operations or the recovery of resources of products or their components, healthy or health products  or complete replacement of the old parts with the new one.

restore the original clearances in moving parts:

  • the installation of new fasteners, bolts and fixing elements (control of the puck Podpaly).

production of the new bushings  and fingers of the opener (always a heat treatment, grinding with all tolerances and clearances), bushing dual action levers and the sealing packer wheel (disassembled, washed, cut the thread, was rascacielos, the restoration of chaotic and channels of lube, hold the lubricant) for correct operation of the following system of the soil.

Setting a new closing and press wheels.

Add new semiological.

Recovery palutikof gauge wheels (welding cracks, trimming, processing and staining).

Replacement of tires gauge wheels.

straightening gauge wheels.

Replacement disc opener.

Recovery hub fixing the disc Coulter (wash bearings, replace cuffs, press-on grease).

setup fit disc opener: clearances for a free turn.

Replace all of the springs:

  • the closing and adjustment press wheels (2pcs);
  • the fixing the depth of the cutting wheel;
  • the spring clamp opener disc to semiologic.

Sandblasting of all elements.

Powder coating.

After a major overhaul of your Shoe gets the default factory settings.
The use of modern materials eliminates daily maintenance. Setup and adjustment is performed on the test bench. All work is warranted.

the Restoration and modernization for all types of row unit planters.

Save on buying a new drill.
Save on the cost of works and lubricants.
Future maintainability.
Higher quality implementation of agricultural technologies.

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