Modernization of furrow openers of seeders - wheel packer

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Modernization of furrow openers of seeders - wheel packer

In stock
Article: 10118
Modernization of the row unit planters using wheels СHIKEN-TRACKER is installed instead of the original press wheels on the drill.
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unlike the original wheels Chiken-Tracker does not allow:

- the creation of air pockets;
- excessive compaction of planting bed;
- deep furrows;
- the buildup of dirt on wheel.
- the occurrence of a dry crust on dry soil on hot and windy days.
- soil compaction in wet conditions, which improves contact of seeds with soil and positively affects the uniformity of germination.

The benefits of Chiken-Tracker:

  • Preparing the beds and soften the soil.
  • Promotes mixing of soil with organic residues for No-till technology.
  • Preserves the uniformity of seed placement in the soil.
  • Gives uniform seed placement depth.
  • Eliminates the compaction of the seedbed.
  • Has a rugged construction.
  • Pressure always falls on a 3-point protector that helps to eliminate buildup of dirt and seeds on the wheel and strengthens the soil around the seed bed.
  • Designed to work on difficult soil (moist, firm soil, organic debris).

Easily installs in place of the original wheels of the planter.
Easy to install: replacement wheel in 2 minutes.

With the use of wheels Chiken-Tracker:

the soil is processed simultaneously with sowing, the guns attached to the seeding Assembly in the stubble without prior tillage with a single pass.


- reduces the cost of equipment;
- increases the yield;
- increases the number of microorganisms in the soil;
- conserves soil moisture;
- improves soil structure;
- reduces soil erosion.

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