The Elevator bucket AA-NK-250

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Article: 10158

The Elevator bucket AA-NK-250

In stock
Article: 10158
Industrial unit Elevator is used for vertical transportation of bulk and liquid materials. For the transportation of liquid cargo is used podlavnoe water device water wheel: in a simplified technology of Elevator straight blade, located on the rim at the bottom, lowered into the water. The wheel moves due to the pressure on the blades by the water flow. To increase the intake of energy from the water blades are arranged in the form of buckets.
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The High number of different variations and specifications of Elevator:

  • box of Elevator is made in galvanised; "black" and stainless steel

  • the Shoe is made with elasto-helical stretch and a rack-and-trucks

  • the main nodes are in normal performance, and in emergency  performance with the service platform and stairs

  • ergonomic performance and maintainability:  

  • fully assembled design

  • minimum specific metal content

  • using modern collapsible bearing assemblies

  • portable drive drum on the clamping sleeves

  • dust-resistant design of the box conveyor





capacity t/h


Linear velocity, m/s

2,5 - 3

Bucket, l


drive Power, kW


pipe Height, mm

- 2400

Overall height, mm


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