Row cleaner for JOHN DEERE 1745 double disc opener

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Row cleaner for JOHN DEERE 1745 double disc opener

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Row cleaner on the John DEERE 1745 coulter double-disc
  • sprocket diameter 320 mm
  • 3 sprocket gap positions
  • flexible height adjustment
  • sprocket material steel 45
John Deere
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The row cleaner for the John Deere 1745 seeder is designed specifically for the John Deere 1745 series seeder.

This unit is designed for clearing a furrow with a width of 2 - 4 cm in front of the sowing disc from plant debris. Provides uniform sowing of crops such as rapeseed, alfalfa, etc. It is in great demand among the supporter of minimal tillage and zero field cultivation.

Purpose of a row cleaner for the John Deere 1745 seeder:

  • Helps the seeder disc knife to improve furrow cutting efficiency.
  • The vegetation cover in the aisle is completely preserved.
  • It is possible to set the floating mode or hard clip.
  • Does not interfere with adjustment and repair of openers.
  • A universal set of devices for attaching the cleaner to a section or a seeder frame.

​Basic configuration – straight tooth

Option – shark's tooth

Option – shark tooth with bandage

To clean row from crop residues used rotary cleaners rows (Row cleaners) that are installed on sections of row crop planters.

Two wedge-mounted cutting disks, rotating away from the soil, pull apart crop residues and soil clods, loosening the soil slightly without moving the soil.

Rotary cleaner for planters helps to eliminate and reduce the ingress of crop residues in the row of planting. Due to this, the purification of the range for high-quality sowing tillage in strip-till technology.

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