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Irrigation systems Avers-Agro
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Irrigation systems are a key factor in solving weather problems. A decrease in rainfall affects the quality of the harvested crop. Investments in irrigation equipment will double the yield with low labor costs. With climate change, agricultural production will become a more profitable enterprise.

Sprinklers will help to get high and sustainable yields of vegetables, grain and industrial crops, perennial grasses, providing high-quality irrigation. By the type of action, sprinklers (irrigation systems) can be of circular and frontal action.

Avers-Agro offers its customers Irrigatio irrigation systems: Irrigatio frontal irrigation systems and Irrigation pivot irrigation systems.

Pivot Irrigation machines provide full automation of the irrigation process and ease of use. One specialist is able to service three machines at the same time, while the Irrigatio front irrigation machine is served by only one operator.

Irrigatio front-mounted sprinklers have the advantage of being the largest possible irrigation area. When using pivot irrigation with an Irrigation machine, the corners of the field are watered.

The Avers-Agro company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of irrigation machines. At the same time, the operational characteristics are well combined with the cost of irrigation systems.

The Avers-Agro company offers to buy irrigation systems at a reasonable price with delivery throughout Ukraine. You can find out its price by the phone number indicated on the website.