Reversible plow

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Article: 10512

Reversible plow

In stock
Article: 10512
Semi-mounted reversible plow with 8 bodies and adjustable plowing width.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 280 hp
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Reversible plow with semi-mounted aggregation system.

It is a reliable, easy-to-use unit for even plowing. During operation, turns the top layer, carries out loosening and deep tillage. During operation, it reduces the number of weeds, plows and paves the way for sowing.

Advantages and design features of a reversible semi-mounted plow:

  • the plows have double overturning bodies - this avoids the appearance of deep furrows and ridges. When moving in one direction, the right turning bodies work, and when moving in the other direction, they turn left;
  • the ability to adjust the width of plowing from 35 to 45 cm for each of the buildings;
  • a solid and reliable frame with a cross section of 200x200x12 mm ensures the duration of operation of the plow;
  • the unique design of the revolving mechanism provides the next plowing next to the previous one, which saves fuel and tractor life;
  • the presence of a support wheel, which controls the depth of field processing.


Type ... semi-mounted
The number of buildings, pcs ... 8
The distance between the buildings, cm ... 100
The section of the supporting frame, mm ... 200x200x12
Coverage (furrow width), cm ... 35,40,45
Tractor power, not less than hp ... 280
Unit weight, kg ... 3600
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