Mounted plow frame PLN 3-35

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Article: 10471

Mounted plow frame PLN 3-35

In stock
Article: 10471
Mounted plow frame PLN 3-35 with a working width of 3.5 m, aggregated with tractors from 80 hp.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 80 hp
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   Mounted Plow Frame PLN 3-35​.

The three-body mounted plow PLN-3-35 is designed for plowing various soils for grain and industrial crops to a depth of 30 cm, not clogged with stones, flagstone and other obstacles, with a specific resistance of up to 0.09 MPa (0.09 kg / cm2). This plow can be equipped with racks of a ripper (such as Paraplau).

   Mounted three-body plow PLN-3-35:

  • it is aggregated with tractors MTZ-80/82, YuMZ-80/82;
  • housing capture width, m - 3.5;
  • plowing depth, cm - 18-30.
   The plow consists of a frame, case, skimmers, circular knife. The case, knife, skimmers join the frame.
The plow frame consists of two longitudinal beams, the main and additional, which are cut in the shape of a pipe. The holders of plow bodies are attached to these beams. The working body of the plow - housing and skimmers.
The frame should be parallel to the surface of the soil.
The wheel is used to set and adjust the depth of plowing. On a rack marks are made for adjustment when setting the depth of plowing.
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