Fertilizer spreader NRU-1200

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Article: 10431

Fertilizer spreader NRU-1200

In stock
Article: 10431
Mounted spreader of mineral fertilizers NRU-1200
  • load capacity 1,2t
  • dose of application 40-1000, 10-200 kg / ha
  • working spreading width 15m
Power tractor
not less than 80 hp
141 800 грн
128 900 грн
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Hinged spreader of mineral fertilizers NRU-1200 - development of the modern production company Avers-Agro. Designed to optimize the quality of agricultural land. Increases the yield of crops grown on them. It creates conditions for the efficiency of agricultural production. The spreader of this model ensures uniform application of dry mineral fertilizers over the entire area of ​​the treated areas. It is used for seeding siderates. In some cases, it is used in the municipal industry for the treatment of road surfaces with reagents in the winter. For economical performance of work, aggregation with traction machines of class 1.4-2 is recommended.

Spreader Technical Parameters:

  • method of aggregation - mounted;
  • unit weight - 340 kg;
  • spreading width - 14-24 m;
  • carrying capacity - 1200 kg;
  • working material - granular mineral fertilizers, crystalline mineral fertilizers, seeds of siderates, herbs, legumes;
  • application dose for mineral fertilizer - 40-1000 kg / ha;
  • application dose for siderat seeds - 10-200 kg / ha;
  • compatibility - tractors 1.4-2.0 class;
  • nominal productivity - 12-36 ha / h;
  • speed of work - 15 km / h;
  • overall dimensions - 2010x1140x1170 mm.
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