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Compensation up to 40%
Reaper sunflower 6 m
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560 900 грн
510 000 грн
Compensation up to 40%
Reaper sunflower 7.4 m
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659 400 грн
599 400 грн
Compensation up to 40%
Reaper sunflower 9.1 m
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857 300 грн
779 300 грн

Ergonomic header for tidy sunflower harvesting.

Avers-Agro has launched the production of a header for harvesting sunflower. Sophisticated and robust construction of the equipment makes it possible to shoot various varieties with minimal crop losses. Agricultural devices worthy of themselves during harvesting work carried out in various regions of Ukraine. Indeed, the design of each model was developed by experienced designers of the company. Experts when drawing up the drawings took into account the wishes of farmers, the structure and biological characteristics of sunflowers, and also used the experience gained.

Avers-Agro sells agricultural implements with a working width of 6 m, 7.4 m and 9.1 m. Their productivity depends on the operational characteristics of the combine and the professionalism of the combine. The working speed of agricultural machinery is about 7-8 km / h.

In our company, you can buy a header for harvesting sunflower seeds at a very competitive price and with delivery to any region of the country. Devices will be neatly packed and brought to the buyer in their original form.

жатка для подсолнечника

Header for harvesting sunflower, the main operational advantages:

  • agricultural machinery allows you to cut plants at a height that can reach 65-70 cm from the ground. At the same time, the minimum cutting height is 40 cm;
  • agricultural machinery is used for efficient and quality harvesting;
  • sunflower harvester makes it possible to shoot plants along and across rows. The side walls of the device prevent loss of crop, and also divide the rows well;
  • a powerful and reliable auger will allow you to pick up the cut leaves and feed the thresher into the drum.

Reaper benefits:

  • ease of use;
  • ease of installation - the equipment is easily connected to various models of combines;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • thoughtful design - we offer to buy a reaper, with which you can ensure good quality harvesting with minimal losses;
  • the possibility of applying in different weather and for removing sunflower, both continuous and row crops;
  • light weight;
  • wear resistance - parts are made of high-strength materials.

Жатка для комбайна

Buy header for sunflower from the producer.

As you can see, the presented harvesters are characterized by numerous advantages. At the same time, our company offers to buy equipment, the cost of which is objective.

Agricultural equipment can be ordered on credit and leased. For each client - only a special approach.

Avers-Agro company has been developing since 2010 and produces innovative equipment for all types of processing technologies, cultivation, storage of agricultural crops. The quality of devices and equipment is confirmed by the necessary certificates.

If you want to pick up and buy a header for harvesting sunflower in Ukraine, call any phone number listed on our website. A specialist will help you choose a model, taking into account your wishes, budget and other important factors.