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Band saw metal cutting

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Cutting metal on a CNC machine PPS-250HPA
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Band sawing of metal refers to the mechanical methods of processing metal products. It provides the finest processing of parts without the formation of cracks and chips, with the receipt of an ideal edge that does not need additional grinding.

Saw Cutting

Unlike alternative methods of metal working, cutting with a band saw due to the absence of high-temperature effects does not lead to significant losses of materials.

If you need the service of cutting metal on a high-quality band saw machine at an affordable price, contact Avers Agro. We work in Kiev, Dnieper, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine.

Band cutting of metal is often used in the processing of workpieces in metallurgical enterprises. This operation is performed by operators using special machines. The whole process is carried out exclusively in automatic mode. This suggests that cutting is done much faster and as accurately as possible, and the human factor is completely excluded here.

The following types of workpieces can be processed with an automated band saw:

  • rail;
  • beams;
  • channel;
  • pipe;
  • angle and so on.

Advantages of the service of strip cutting of rolled products

  • Fast processing, efficiency and high productivity. If the process is carried out manually, it requires a certain time investment. In addition, professional metalworking is quite laborious.
  • Maximum capabilities and full automation of the process.
  • Precise selection of the required angle.
  • Saving financial resources. This is especially noticeable in those enterprises where it is necessary to carry out rather large volumes.
  • Rapid return on investment.

In conclusion, it should be noted that band saw cutting of metal is not only a significant reduction in time, full automation of the metalworking process, but also maximum efficiency.

To order metal cutting on a band saw machine from the Avers-Agro company, contact the representatives of the online store by phone or leave a message on the company's website. The organization's specialists will explain all the advantages of this service, as well as announce the current prices on the day of the call.

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