Protective guard for cultivator

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Article: 10511

Protective guard for cultivator

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Article: 10511
A guard of a row cultivator for protection of agricultural crops.
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The row-row cultivator is additionally equipped with protective shields.

Care for crops of row crops provides 2-3 inter-row cultivator cultivations. This eliminates or significantly reduces the use of herbicides, especially in the case of environmentally friendly products.

To exclude damage to plants, their falling asleep with discarded soil, protective shields or discs are placed on the sections.

The parallelogram mechanism allows you to configure the protective shield to work with a cultivation depth of 2-12 cm.

The design of the guards for plant protection with the appropriate setting of the paws makes it possible to carry out hilling.

The shields are set so that the distance from the front edge of the shield to the toe of the paw is 200 mm, and the gap between the sidewalls and the soil is 10-12 mm.

19 февраля 2021
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