Disc seeder Green Plains 2000

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Article: 10509

Disc seeder Green Plains 2000

In stock
Article: 10509
Green Plains 2000 mechanical stubble drill with disc coulters and 6 m working width. The seeder is aggregated with tractors from 160 hp.
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Green Stains 2000 mechanical stubble seeder with disc coulters and 6 m working width.

Designed for sowing cereals, legumes and various types of herbs according to the No-Till technology with the introduction of a starting dose of dry mineral fertilizers.

The Green Plains 2000 sowing complex consists of the seeder itself and a hydraulically coupled hitch. Split discs and folding hydraulic markers are placed on the hitch.

The advantages of the Green Plains 2000 direct-seeder seeder complex with disc coulters:

  • convenient and easy to operate;
  • minimal damage to the surface soil layer;
  • minimal stubble in the seed well;
  • precise and uniform sowing to the desired depth, even for a large number of crop residues;
  • simple, accurate and flexible adjustment of the metering unit;
  • rigid main frame made of a square pipe 150x150 mm;
  • the coulters are staggered on the frame;
  • providing quick seeder lifting on turns with the help of a hydraulic system, which saves time and increases productivity;
  • the volume of the hopper for seeds at the rate of 280 liters per meter of width of the seeder, allows you to sow a large area without additional load;
  • if necessary, use a seeder for sowing according to traditional technology;
  • increased reliability and durability of nodes and the unit as a whole.

When using the Green Plains 2000 seeder, soil preparation for sowing is not required, this can significantly reduce the cost of sowing, due to lower fuel consumption and the release of equipment and personnel.

If it is necessary to carry out sowing work using traditional technology, the coupling device must be undocked from the drill. Moreover, for aggregation with a tractor, brackets for a three-point linkage on the seeder itself are used.


Type ... mechanical
Aggregation method ... trailed
Aisle, mm ... 178
Number of openers / blades, pcs ... 34/34
Working width, mm ... 6050
Transport width, mm ... 6100
Ground clearance during transportation, mm ... 430
Height, mm ... 2500
Length, mm ... 6700
The volume of hoppers for seeds, l ... 1740
Volume of fertilizer hoppers, l ... 570
Opener parallelogram stroke, mm ... 165
Seeding depth, mm ... 0-90
The coulter pressure on the soil, kg ... 41-82
Depth of the blade, mm ... 0-102
Pressure on the cutting disc, kg ... 204
Required tractor power (approximately), hp ... 160
Empty seeder weight, kg ... 4410
The number of staff, people ... 1
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