Seeder disc-anchor Darina 4,8 (26/190)

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Article: 10582

Seeder disc-anchor Darina 4,8 (26/190)

In stock
Article: 10582
Seeder disc-anchor Darina with 26 openers, 190 mm row spacing and 4.8 m working width.
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 260 hp
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Seeder disc-anchor Darina 4.8 (26/190) with a working width of 4.8 m.

Designed for continuous sowing using zero technology No-Till of grain, industrial and oilseeds, provides a starting dose of fertilizers in the sowing horizon. A special feature of the seeder is the sowing system with the coulters on a parallelogram suspension, which provides individual copying of the soil relief for each sowing unit.

Advantages of the Darina 4.8 (26/190) disc-anchor seeder:

  • convenient and easy to use;
  • increased reliability and durability of components and the unit as a whole;
  • minimal damage to the surface layer of the soil;
  • minimal ingress of stubble into the seed hole;
  • accurate and even sowing at the desired depth, even over large amounts of crop residues;
  • flanged split disc that cuts through crop residues with ease;
  • narrow anchor opener with a mechanism for adjusting the seeding depth;
  • a seed compactor installed behind the opener, ensuring tight contact of the seed with the soil;
  • the following closing wheel, which ensures the closure of the furrow formed by the anchor, and also prevents the creation of air pockets and excessive compaction of the seedbed. Also, the design of the wheel eliminates the adhesion of dirt and prevents the formation of dry crust on dry soil on hot and windy days.


Type ... Mechanical
Aggregation method ... Semi-mounted
Number of openers, pcs ... 26
Row spacing, mm ... 190
Volume of bunkers for seeds, l ... 1100
Fertilizer hopper volume, l ... 1600
Capture width, mm ... 4750
Required tractor power, h.p. ... 260
Working speed, km / h ... 8-10
Length, mm ... 3000
Width, mm ... 6800
Height, mm ... 2230
Seeder weight (empty), no more, kg ... 6400
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