Seeder disc-anchor Green Plains CS 4

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Article: 10600

Seeder disc-anchor Green Plains CS 4

In stock
Article: 10600
Seeder disc-anchor Green Plains CS with a working width of 4 meters.
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Disc-anchor seeder Green Plains CS 4 with a working width of 4 m.

Designed for direct no-till sowing of cereals, industrial crops and oilseeds. A special feature of the seeder is the simultaneous application of fertilizers together with the seed. At the same time, the integrity of the soil and vegetation cover is preserved.

Advantages of the Green Plains CS 4 disc-anchor seeder:

  • convenient and easy to use;
  • increased reliability and durability of components and the unit as a whole;
  • minimal damage to the surface layer of the soil;
  • minimal ingress of stubble into the seed hole;
  • accurate and even sowing at the desired depth, even over large amounts of crop residues;
  • horizontal furrows with minimal disturbance of the soil structure, thereby creating an optimal microclimate for seeds;
  • when sowing, fertilizer and seeds are located separately from each other on both sides of the cutting disc;
  • the openers are equipped with hydraulic cylinders that can be individually adjusted to provide the required seeding depth;
  • the hopper for seeds and fertilizers, consists of two compartments;
  • the seeder is moved from the transport position to the working position and vice versa using hydraulic drives.


Number of working bodies, pcs ... 21
Distance between coulters, mm ... 200
Working width of capture, m ... 4
Working speed of movement, km / h ... 6-12
Transport speed, km / h, no more ... 20
Hopper capacity, l ... 5000
Weight, kg, no more ... 11250
Overall dimensions in working position:
length, mm ... 9640
width, mm ... 5140
height, mm ... 3960
Overall dimensions in transport position:
length, mm ... 9640
width, mm ... 2550
height, mm ... 3960
Required tractor power, h.p. (min):… 150
Number of attendants, people one
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