Flex harrow Green Way 7 m

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Article: 10008

Flex harrow Green Way 7 m

In stock
Article: 10008
Harrow flatbed Green Way trailed capture of 7 meters of a premium class
  • rhombic tooth analogue McFarLane
  • tractor power from 120 hp
  • 16 rows of trains
  • 6 angles of attack
The type of aggregation
Power tractor
not less than 120 hp
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The working on the harrow – tooth has a knife-like (oval) cross section and is made of high-strength steel. The teeth are spaced at the rate of 70 teeth per 1 m of the capture. The rhombic cross section of the tooth compared to the standard square cross-section of the teeth, which are equipped with most of the boron allows the provision of all technological operations reduce the load on the tractive effort of the tractor to 20%, which in turn allows you to use the tractor capacity 80-370л.with. for mounting with harrow width from 5 to 24m.  Teeth zakrepleniya transverse rods hinged together at 16-row loop. And this, in turn, allows us to qualitatively replicate the topography in the process. 

the design of the Train-harrow mounted on a compact frame allowing to transport the harrow when moving from field to field without additional support and is made of high quality profiled bars. Train-harrow is equipped with hydraulic actuators, allowing for 3-5 min to transfer the unit from transport to working position and back.

When using the harrow on heavy soils available option heavy loops with reinforced teeth which are installed behind the wheels of the tractor, where the maximum compaction of the soil.

For higher performance, harrows rekomenuem to use a 16-row loop.

Each 16-row loop consists of two parts via the 8-series, which can be set individually if necessary, for example, when excessive debris field or lack of power of the tractor.


Performance at a speed of 12km/h, hectare/h 8,6
working speed, km/h 8-15
Transport speed, not more, km/h 20
working width, m 7,2
working length, m 9,36
the aggregate Type trailing
the working depth of tillage, mm 20-80
the Number of loops, m 4
the Number of rows in the loop, m 8*2=16
the Number of teeth standard piece 480
the Number of teeth on the length of 300mm, PCs 20
adjustable angle of attack teeth (6 positions) 38° and 50° plus 4 additional
overall dimensions in transport position:
length 4,75
width, m 2,8
height, m 3,7
the power of the tractor not less than, L. S. 120
the Minimum number of hidrofugados 2
the Pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor bar 180
Weight, kg 2120


Designed for:

  • the finishing field after disking or cultivation;
  • the preparation of the seedbed for sowing of various crops, such as wheat, canola, alfalfa, etc.;
  • the destruction of weeds in the white thread stage;
  • moisture closing and destruction of crust;
  • uniform distribution and mixing of crop residues.

Swivel design allows to cope well with any amount of plant residue, even swaths of straw. The distribution of crop residue after passage of harrow provides even saturation of the soil organic matter and moisture retention, which in turn will directly affect the future harvest.

the design of the loops allows you to go into the field much earlier, because, the loop-harrow is not so sensitive to soil moisture, due to the distance of 280 mm between the rods in the ribbon cable is not sticking and clogging harrows. This allows time to produce work to close moisture and remove crusts.

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