Milling work on the machine console-milling vertical 6P12

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Article: 10211

Milling work on the machine console-milling vertical 6P12

In stock
Article: 10211
Vertical cantilever milling machine 6P12 designed to handle all kinds of details from steel, cast iron, high tensile and non-ferrous metals.
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Milling works on the machine. Vertical cantilever milling machine 6P12 pinoline with a vertical spindle has a cross moving in the horizontal plane of the table, which is mounted on a vertically moving along the guide rails of the rack console. The machine can handle vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces, slots, corners, frames, curved surface. Vertical, horizontal and inclined planes, grooves, angles, frames, curved surfaces can be processed on the machine.

For the treatment of curved surfaces the machine is equipped with special transfer device. Curvilinear surfaces are machined on copiers, the contour of which is probed with the tip of the electric contact sensor of the table movement.

Main parameters 6Р12
Dimensions of table working surface, mm 1250х320
Maximal displacement of the table  
longitudinal mechanical, mm 800
longitudinal manual, mm 800
cross mechanical, mm 240
cross manual, mm 250
vertical mechanical, mm 410
vertical manual, mm 420

The smallest and greatest distance from spindle nose to table, mm


The distance from spindle axis to vertical guide frame, mm

Table move in one division of the limb, mm 0,05
Maximum axial movement of the quill spindle, mm 70
Machine dimensions  
length mm 2305
width, mm 1950
height, mm 2020
Machine weight, kg 3120
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