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Eco-houses of straw panels
Eco-houses of straw panels

Eco-houses of straw rye Patel is:

Production (production of hay blocks) - only in the factory on dedicated equipment. self-supporting, use different high energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, reliability.

Design - our company adapts your projects under technology features ecopanels.
If you have no project – we will develop a custom project that meets your requirements.

Construction our certified representatives can carry out work on the construction of energy efficient homes “turnkey”: together with our partners we can offer a number of solutions for the construction of Foundation, internal and external finishing, the use of green roofs, installing a highly efficient heating system, energy-efficient infill window and door openings.


Window, door

there are No fundamental differences from the traditional buildings here. The number and size of openings previously provided by the frame and mounted after erection of walls. It is advisable to choose, of course, wooden frames, so it's a good environmental status of straw house, but if you want you can put plastic Windows and armored doors.

the Roof, attic, floors

If the house project includes a strong roof with an attic, then pre-built the roof frame of the standard. The roof frame can be made of wood, and metal. Usually the top frame to the bottom. After which the frame overlaps the front of packing material for every taste: slate, tiles, wood, resin, metal or AMISOM. In a thatched house should put a roof on the most distant departure from the wall. This element will provide better protection of the walls from getting wet during the rains. It should be remembered and ventilation that goes through the roof. If the house is 2-or 3-storey, the overlap between the levels provide a powerful base of the tree.

Sealing, insulation

by Itself, the compressed straw has a strength which is not inferior to the strength of the brick, but also the walls of the house breathe. Straw blocks themselves are a natural insulating slab, so the question of insulation is solved by itself. As for the tightness of the joints between the blocks, and this is an important aspect in construction, here the correct approach straw construction is not inferior to traditional building. As for the technology is intended for bonding the blocks, it correctly calculated the size and quality of reinforcing mounting will ensure maximum tightness between the blocks.

Heat - and hydro isolation

Right made straw block initially has a conductivity of 7-8 times lower than brick, and is 4 times lower than many types of wood. On average, teploproduktia walls of straw blocks is 4 times higher than applicable standards in many countries. And according to the calculations of some experts, the energy consumption of heating a home can take up to 9 times less! In General, technology termoregulirovanija this eco even more rich than those of brick or wood counterparts from passive solar heat collector or storage tank.

Fire safety

a lot of rumors about the weaknesses of fire safety of thatched structures, but experience and numerous studies show that such opinions are absolutely false. By itself, the straw is burning, and it is a well known fact. But in the case of ready straw blocks the situation is quite different. First, extruded straw is not enough oxygen for combustion. Because paper burns well, but there is a singe thick book entirely or mount cardboard without auxiliary combustible materials, it is unlikely that it will. Second, many modern technologies are added to the straw clay or environmental heat-resistant adhesive which also minimizes the possibility of ignition. And third, if you apply the prefab construction blocks, the correct treatment of facade panels also plays an important role in fire safety. All wooden elements of the facade can be treated antidopaminergic means. Itself high-quality plaster walls also reduces the risk of fire. So with the right approach triple guarantee fire safety of straw houses guaranteed.

Reliability and durability

a Similar house built across the planet, there are more than a hundred years old and perfectly functional. In addition, after passing a useless thatched house simply disposed of without harm to the environment. Many of the thatched houses are intentionally located in a difficult climate and seismically active areas and are well proven in earthquakes and hurricanes. The fact that they have been pressed straw blocks are like bricks or concrete to crack or burst, because straw is not a uniform material. Ongoing studies have shown and proved that the pressed panel up to 4 times stronger than traditional bricks! And if you add the quality of frame and facade materials, the strength and increases. These figures completely break the myth of the straw hut!

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