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Welding with FastMig M 520 Power source
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Welding works in the river are an integral process in the installation of various structures, repair and construction work. And this process can not do without a qualified professional. Because only a professional will tell us exactly where to weld, what equipment to work and what type of weld to use in a certain situation. 

the company AVERS agro services welding of metal constructions, regardless of their size. We are working with workpieces of sheet, Cavanaugh-welded, the stamp - and sheet-welded. The work is carried out with maximum speed and guaranteed compliance with construction requirements and standards.

Provide welding services of all kinds with various types of equipment. With us you can order:

  • the gas welding; the
  • the welding the heating tubes;
  • the installation of hydraulic systems;
  • the installation of building foundations and floors;
  • the welding water pipes;
  • the setting arrays of metal for enhanced security in apartment buildings, and more.

Welding price

Prices for welding work depend on many factors, where one of the most important is the material for the proposed work. This is formed from the need to ensure the different equipment and operating conditions. 

The easiest option is to weld ferrous metal, especially mild steel. But working with blanks made of stainless steel or of cast iron will be more complex and therefore more expensive price.  the most Expensive cost of welding of steel pipes, as the professionalism of the welder will depend on the duration and the functionality of the materials.

Order welding work at the best price in Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine is possible in the online store AVERS agro.