Agricultural machinery for tillage
Agricultural machinery for tillage
Agricultural machinery for planting
Agricultural machinery for planting
Agricultural machinery for fertilizer
Agricultural machinery for fertilizer
Agricultural machinery for harvesting
Agricultural machinery for harvesting
Agricultural machinery for transport
Agricultural machinery for transport
Agricultural machinery for loading and unloading
Agricultural machinery for loading and unloading

AVERS-agro - machinery with individual original solutions

the Bulk of goods Avers-Agro consists of agricultural machinery, which is the advanced division of the company. To date, the company Avers-Agro is not only a leading manufacturer of rotary harrows Green Star, but also holds the leading position on production of tillers: disc harrows Daisy chain harrows, rollers, shredders Roller Blade, Shredder, korchevatoe of stubble, turboalternator vertical tillage verti-till, cultivators, tillers, mounted units for tractors, among them: protector tire Guard Tire press wheels for seed drills, machinery for fertilizer application, sprayers and more.

We are a young and ambitious company AVERS-proposed agro machinery with individual original solutions.

tillage has its roots in the era of primitive society, when people began to till the soil for cultivation and breeding of useful plant species, affecting the nature of and implementing tools for tillage.

the Production of ecologically clean agricultural products encourages efficient use of land, preservation of the fertile properties of the soil, reduce the harmful impact on the soil and its preparation for the next sowing for obtaining high and stable yields, while not forgetting about the cost savings. All this leads to the finding and application of new advanced technologies in equipment for growing and processing, advanced means of storing, transporting, and subsequent improvements of agricultural crops.

the Main generators of ideas in the development of highly efficient technology are the farmers themselves. And it's not just words, all the equipment is produced exclusively by the desires of the farmers. Great ideas in agriculture make  the farmers themselves, allowing units AVERS-agro tailored to the specific requirements and combine the most advanced and innovative methods and technologies and at the same time is simple and practical in terms of constructive solutions.

the Technique has various modifications of the location and types of working bodies, whether working units rotary weeder for row crops (corn, sunflower, soy), or to processing vegetables; possibility of installation of different drums on rollers, grinders: bead (folding) – frame, water-filled, smooth rear roller drums that gives the opportunity to adapt to soil and climatic conditions of our country.

We offer a wide range of products with different working widths capture combines the best advantages as conventional tillage, and sparing no-till, mini-ill treatment, as well as technology strip processing strip-till.

Our equipment is of high performance and reliability. Has considerable service life with minimum maintenance and low energy consumption.

a Group of engineers and designers are constantly working on developing a modular construction units, which allow mobile and compact to transport equipment, as well as to facilitate subsequent Assembly.

Special attention is paid to the materials from which made the technique uses several innovative technologies and systems of quality control of finished products.

Avers-Agro owns modern production and Assembly line, which allows the company to further growth and development by testing new products in the fields of agricultural enterprises and farms of Ukraine.

We also offer a full range of services in support of its agricultural products: possibility of selection of components; possibility of upgrading equipment; a full complex of services in delivery, maintenance, Assembly products; affordable prices and reasonable delivery time; warranty 3 years. Selling of farming is carried out without intermediaries, directly from the manufacturer.

we Also provide service and maintenance of equipment manufacturers: John Deere, Case, Challenger, New Holland, Geringhoff, Kinze, etc.

We are proud to assist farmers to increase yields, conserve soil and equipment.

Our website is designed for the future expansion of business fields, so in a short time in Avers-Agro are the solution to any given problem.

We're glad You found the time to visit our website and are always happy to help and answer Your questions.

In General, you can always consult with our specialist to certainly to deprive yourself from making serious mistakes.

the Company Avers-Agro specializiruetsya on the production of reliable and functional equipment for nearly any agricultural activity. Engineers develop the machines and equipment for sowing, tillage, the introduction and spraying of fertilizers, to harvesting, to transportation and processing, hay and feed. Our customers – large farmers and beginning farmers from across the country. Our agricultural technique allows to automate many processes and, therefore, significantly reduce costs, increase the yield of many crops, get rid of the weeds and not injure the plants. With its help, farmers can control the speed and quality of implementation of field works, soil condition and health of planted plants.

agriculture from the manufacturer: important advantages

Presented systems and the machines have numerous operational advantages, including: High performance – thanks to this setting will reduce the processing cost of the hectare, and the work is done faster.

- Proven quality – our agriculture, the sale of which in Ukraine is carried out on favorable terms, well-proven and has been for many years used by farmers for growing crops, field and other purposes. Durability – for the production of fixtures and cars the company Avers-Agro uses only durable and quality materials. Functionality and ease of use – the engineers during the development of each model took into account advice and suggestions from farmers.

farming equipment for Sale: model diversity

the Company Avers-Agro is developing dozens of models of machines and devices for farmers, for example: Boom sprayers – they are used for chemical treatment of warehouses, gardens, fields and similar objects. They are used for fertilization and during the spring thaw, and the snow crust. Different harrow – they are designed to handle soil, remove weeds and old plants, increasing yield. Our online store agricultural implements harrow at competitive prices. Harvester for efficient harvesting of sunflowers.

Turboalternator – they are used for thorough mixing of the earth with plant residues, margin alignment, development of the root system of various plants.

Reliable agricultural equipment with delivery across Ukraine

the Company Avers-Agro – manufacturer of equipment and machinery, therefore we sell all products with warranty, official documents and at affordable prices. We sell cars on leasing and credit. Buyers can choose a complete set. Our experts help deliver equipment to the object – bring in any locality of the country. Company Avers-Agro only guarantees a professional approach to your business. Experts will help you to find and buy agricultural machinery, taking into account your wishes, budget, and future conditions of its use and other important factors.