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Machinery for loading and unloading

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Valve for unloading BigBag
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2 800 грн
2 500 грн
Compensation up to 40%
Storage-reloader MT 200
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1 655 700 грн
1 505 200 грн

Convenient appliances for loading and unloading grain

Company Avers-Agro produces equipment designed for quick and safe unloading of a variety of crops. Design agricultural devices simultaneously and is characterized by durability, consistency, simplicity. agricultural equipment for loading and unloading grain is characterized by ease of use:

Device allows you to distribute the grain in various capacities, and also to leave the necessary part for storage within the container.

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  • To work with the equipment you will need one employee. To connect the equipment does not need special knowledge.
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  • Fit made of durable and wear-resistant material. That's why they will last for many years.
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  • Reliable handling agricultural machinery – this is an important step to stable development of your business. And the company Avers-Agro implements equipment with low price. Price fixtures is listed in the directory.

Our company offers to purchase equipment for loading and unloading of delivery to your city. Our specialist will provide you with consultation on any phone, which is published on the website, or by e-mail.