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Agricultural machinery for fertilizer

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Fertilizer spreader NRU-1200
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141 800 грн
128 900 грн
Injection harrow metering wheel
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35 750 грн
32 500 грн
Liquid fertilizer injection unit Green Power 6 m
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1 321 400 грн
Compensation up to 40%
Liquid fertilizer injection unit Green Power 8 m
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Agricultural complex of the bumblebee
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The system of making a dry fertilizer 4 sections
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The system of making a dry fertilizer 5 sections
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The system of making a dry fertilizer 6 sections
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The system of making a dry fertilizer 8 sections
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Multifunctional Fertilizer Machines

On the Operations Carrying th liquid and dry fertilizer is an integral part of the ground handling operations. Plant health, yield and, subsequently, profit will depend on the quality of the fertilizers themselves and the equipment used for its application.

Manual spraying is used for small areas of the field. In large and medium-sized farms, special equipment is always used for fertilizing, helping to make this operation faster and more efficient.

Conventionally, equipment for fertilizing can be divided into 3 types:

  • Solid Fertilizer Technology
  • Liquid Fertilizer Technology
  • Combined Solid and Liquid Fertilizer Technology

Granular solid substances are usually applied using a spreader or precision injection technique directly into the ground to a depth of 2-8 cm, followed by embedding. A rotary harrow is often used to seal spread fertilizers.

Liquid fertilizers are applied using self-propelled sprayers or as additional trailed equipment for tractors.

Agricultural machinery is used to apply various fertilizers during the slough and snow crust. Machines are also used to measure fields and to monitor the condition of soil and planted plants.

Avers-Agro company presents an agricultural complex called "Bumblebee". Three devices were connected in its design:

  • a spreader capable of applying solid granular or crystalline fertilizers ;
  • spraying sprayer ;
  • boom sprayer .

Our machines for applying mineral fertilizers are characterized by numerous operational advantages:

  • high performance - this parameter is 2-3 more than that of similar equipment from other suppliers;
  • good field processing speed;
  • ease of use - agricultural machinery is equipped with wheels with low pressure tires.
  • durability.

As a result, agricultural machinery can reduce the cost of processing a hectare of territory up to 5-10 times.

How to buy fertilizer application?

Avers-Agro is a manufacturer and distributor of fertilizer applicators. At the same time, the cost of agricultural machinery is objective.

At Avers-Agro, we offer to buy fertilizer application with delivery throughout Ukraine. You can find out its price using the telephone number indicated on the website.