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Turning on universal lathe, screw-cutting lathe 16K20
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Turning on the GILDEMEISTER DMG CTX 500
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Turning to metal - a method of metal to give the workpiece the desired shape. This method allows to achieve the desired level of roughness of the parts, shapes and sizes. The billet of metal is treated on both the inside and outside.

On the lathe you can carry out a wide range of works:

  • the hole drilling;
  • the cut into parts;
  • the thorough treatment of workpieces with the end shaped, conical or cylindrical form;
  • the countersinking and deployment;
  • the threading;
  • the boring worn metal blanks.

the Company "AVERS agro" has its own production capacities for various turning operations. To order the service from the company is enough to call by phone or contact us through our feedback form and your problem will be quickly solved.

Processing cylindrical surfaces

Internet-shop "AVERS agro" available order processing internal and external cylindrical surfaces at a reasonable price. 

Treatment of external cylindrical surfaces is carried out in several ways depending on the desired configuration parts:

  • the degree of roughness;
  • the purity and length;
  • the diameter;
  • the shape.

Most popular way of grinding is rough (rough) and finish. Rough grinding for pre-treated and coarse blanks is carried out at a fairly high speed equipment and is removing shavings large cross-section. Such a turning job is to manufacture parts in the shape of a cylinder with an exact match, the installed options. 

Processing of inner cylindrical surfaces takes place in 2 stages.

On the first pass rough work consisting in drilling holes with a depth and diameter smaller than specified. 

the second step is refinement, in which boring used and special drill. Their use allows for fine-tuning desired cleanliness level, depth and surface diameter to the prescribed level. This is often called more boring.

Our company will produce for you metal parts according to sample or drawing of all types of steel under the order, and will also render services on metal processing. To calculate the cost of providing services in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr and other cities, call in the Contacts section.