Manipulator Crane Services

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Article: 10392

Manipulator Crane Services

In stock
Article: 10392
Truck mounted crane manipulator DAF XF95 430
  • 12t load capacity
  • boom reach up to 10m
  • 1,5t full-reach lifting capacity
  • carrying capacity under itself 5t
  • body size 6.40m x 2.48m
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Transportation of cargo of large dimensions by a crane with a manipulator in the Dnieper is carried out by a DAF vehicle with a MKG telescopic lifting installation installed on it. A crane operator with a professional help will sprinkle, and then load and unload any load that does not exceed 5t. The carrying capacity of the body is 12 tons. For the convenience of loading and unloading, the sides of the car have the ability to open or completely dismantled.

Advantages of transportation of goods by crane with a manipulator:

  • low cost in comparison with loading a separate crane onto a machine
  • saving time for loading unloading
  • less space occupied by machinery during loading and unloading

Boom reach to maximum allowable weight table:

Boom outreach, m 2,5 4,25 6,20 8,15 10,10
Maximum weight, t 6,28 3,90 2,55 1,92 1,52
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