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Sheet metal rolling

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Metal rolling is one of the most popular ways of bending and processing a flexible sheet. The process consists in deformation of the sheet material by passing it through the rolls of milling machines. So the sheet takes on a given shape and can be used to solve various problems.

Rolling is used to give the sheet a cylindrical shape, while the rollers themselves are selected according to the thickness of the metal. Different types of metals (black, galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel) can be used as the main material for processing. After rolling, the sheet is stamped.

Where to order metal rolling?

Avers Agro company has an impressive number of milling machines, which allows us to roll any materials and work with blanks of any size.

We work with tubular and sheet blanks of different sizes, thicknesses and shapes.

We process rolling different types of rentals:

  • round pipes;
  • strip;
  • bars.

We use rolling for the production of tubular heat exchangers of various shapes. By means of pipe bending rolls, we carry out a complete bend into a ring or bend into an arc under the required radius.

At Avers Agro, you can order sheet metal rolling for the manufacture of various parts on high-tech equipment in compliance with all sizes and high precision.

If there is a need, our specialists will independently prepare the drawing of the necessary part, guided by the terms of reference received from the customer. In the design process, specific tasks and technological capabilities are necessarily taken into account. The resulting drawing is agreed with the customer.

Working steadily in the Ukrainian manufacturing market, we are always looking for compromises and go to meet our customers, without violating the concluded agreements and maintaining confidentiality in relations.

We carry out sheet rolling to order throughout Ukraine, including in cities such as Kharkov, Dnipro, Kiev and others.

You can order the rolling service at the best price in the Avers Agro online store by phone or through the quick application form.