Turbo cultivator Verti-till Green Wave 3.9 m Euro. Gov. compensation 25%

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Turbo cultivator Verti-till Green Wave 3.9 m Euro. Gov. compensation 25%

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Verti-till turbo cultivator 3.9 m - unit vertical tillage with individually fixed pairs of wavy discs, slatted-ribbed roller with flex harrow, trailed type, is aggregated with a tractor of at least 200 hp
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Turbo cultivator Verti-Till Green Wave 3.9 m Euro. Gov. compensation 25%

In the presence of units with different working widths: 2.6 m, 3.9 m, 5.2 m, 6.5 m, 7.8 m, 9.1 m, 10.4 m, 11.7 m, 18.2 m.

Designed for various types of autumn-spring field work:

  • field work with a lot of crop residues;
  • crushing of a solid surface soil layer;
  • application and mixing of herbicides, compost and fertilizers;
  • preparation of the field, seed bed with traditional, preserving and zero technologies.

Advantages and design features of the Green Wave vertical tillage turbo cultivator with a working width of 3.9 m Euro:

  • it is used in various soil and climatic zones when treating soils of different mechanical composition with moisture up to 28% and hardness up to 3.5 MPa (35 kg / cm²), not clogged with stones, flagstone and other obstacles;
  • it is aggregated with wheel and caterpillar tractors with engine power corresponding to the width of a particular model;
  • It is a trailed machine, it is controlled and serviced by one person (tractor driver);
  • the working bodies of the turbo cultivator are 13-wave turbo discs mounted on spring blocks;
  • vertical vibration of turbo discs affects the earth like a jackhammer, crushing the soil below the working depth level, breaking soil compaction and creating conditions for the accumulation and preservation of soil moisture;
  • when working on very heavy soils, it is possible to install discs at an angle in the range from 0 ° to 6 °. This makes it possible to better loosen and level the soil in difficult conditions;
  • spring blocks mounted on the frame in a checkerboard pattern, for better passage of crop residues;
  • equipped with a 3-row flex harrow and a spiral-shaped ribbed roller for even distribution of crop residues and crumbling of soil lumps;
  • the transfer of the turbo cultivator from the working position to the transport one, and vice versa, is carried out using hydraulic drives. In the parking position, the turbo cultivator is installed on the parking jack;
  • to adjust the degree of impact of the train harrow on the soil and plant debris, it is possible to set two tooth positions - 50 ° and 38 °, this is achieved by reversing the sections of the train;
  • range of working depth 0-18 cm;
  • the distance between the turbo discs is 16 cm;
  • 5 bolt reinforced hub with two sealed SKF bearings;
  • the force of the springs at which the operation of the safety mechanism of the safety unit begins is 500 kg
  • the vertical stroke of the spring unit with turbo discs for circumventing obstacles is up to 250 mm.

Basic equipment:

  • turbo cultivator;
  • wavy turbo discs 570 mm x 5 mm 13 waves (32 mm wave depth);
  • three-row flex harrow;
  • spiral-shaped ribbed roller.

Additional equipment:

  • tubular roller with a flex harrow;
  • special loaders of the unit frame, for using a turbo cultivator on heavy soils, for better penetration of discs into the soil;
  • wavy turbo discs 550 mm x 5 mm 8 waves (65 mm wave depth);
  • mechanical granular fertilizer application system (for models with a working width of 2.6 m, 3.9 m, 5.2 m).


Type ... trailed

Tractor hitch ... pendulum

Average speed, km / h ... 15

Working width, m ... 3.9

Working length, m ... 7.9

Length during transportation, m ... 7.9

Height during transportation, m ... 1.7

Width during transportation, m ... 3.0

Total weight, t ... 4

Number of spring blocks, pcs … 12

Number of turbo disks, pcs ... 24

The distance between the turbo disks, m ... 0.162

Depth of processing, mm ... 0-180

Depth adjustment ... set of clips 50/30/19/10 / 7mm on the rods of hydraulic cylinders

Tire Sizes:

The support wheels of the wing frames ... 10.0 / 75-15.3 (14PR)

The support wheels of the frames of the central frame ... 19.0 / 45-17 (18PR)

Tire pressure, bar ... 4-5

Hydraulic system pressure, bar ... 180

Minimum tractor power, hp ... 200

When deep processing is recommended, hp ... 240

The number of staff, people ... 1

The machine provides thorough mixing soil with plant residues, effectively aligns the field and prepares it for sowing.

A pair of wavy turbo discs cut the soil and crop residues. Mechanically broken stems are mixed with the soil in the process of loosening.

The cultivation legs: arched - surface tillage; Mulch-mix - loosen the soil to a depth of 28cm to provide better mixing of plant residues with the surface layer.

Rink with harrow pins the surface, eliminates air pockets and breaks the clods.

The machine can easily cope with a large number of plant residues, perfectly works without clogging and sticking, in terms of how large amount of moisture and dry soils. After its 50% passing the land remains covered with plant residues, which prevents rainwater scouring and moisture loss and at the same time between the rows remain available to plant roots, which prevent erosion of the soil.

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