Screw conveyor AA-VK-250

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Article: 10167

Screw conveyor AA-VK-250

In stock
Article: 10167
The conveyor screw (auger) are designed for transportation of grain in the horizontal plane and partially at an angle.
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Various versions and configurations of screw conveyors:

  • the box screw conveyor is manufactured in galvanised; "black" and stainless steel
  • the ergonomic performance and maintainability
  • the pendant design of the support makes it easy to service and change bearing bushing
  • the fully modular design
  • the minimum specific metal
  • the dust-resistant design

Increased reliability of screw conveyor:


  • the drive with a high service-factor European and American production
  • the outboard bearing bushing made of wear resistant polymer materials PE 1000
  • the anti-corrosion treatment of metal powder paint



Performance, t/h

up to 100

the Frequency of rotation, Rev/min


the drive Power, kWt

from 0.18

the coil's Diameter, mm


gutter Width, mm


the height of the groove, mm


the section Length, mm

to 3000

Overall length, mm

30 000


screw Conveyor (screw) designed for transporting loose, finely lumpy and pasty goods. Screw conveyor can be manufactured in a public execution in the chute, and a closed - in pipe. The use of open screw conveyors gives you the opportunity to control its operation anywhere.

Screw conveyors are widely used in  production lines of various industries: construction, processing, chemical and other food and non-food industries, in warehousing, in filling and packaging lines, etc.

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