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CASE safety block with stand and foot
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Chicken-Tracker wheel for Case seeder without bearing
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2 410 грн
2 190 грн
Chicken-Tracker wheel for Case seeder with bearing
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3 010 грн
2 730 грн
Chicken-Tracker support wheel for Case seeder without bearing
In stock
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2 000 грн
1 800 грн

Parts Case. Reason for success

The Case brand is one of the most recognizable in the world. The headquarters of the company is located in the United States, the company has been working in the field of agricultural equipment for more than 170 years. Sales of products is carried out by one of the largest dealer networks, numbering nearly 5 thousand official representatives.

The main goal set by the company's employees is to create the most reliable, productive and powerful machines that can not only replace manual labor, but also significantly increase the efficiency of soil cultivation. The design and development of its elements is carried out taking into account the wishes of customers and at the same time a whole staff of specialists is working to reduce the cost of production. The company's engineers are trying to create new, unique in quality machines and parts that are ideally suited to them. The Case excavator, disassembled into its constituent elements, can be reassembled from spare parts stored in warehouses, and it will immediately be ready to leave for the field.

Where you can cheaply buy genuine Case parts

The constantly growing demand for agricultural machinery and the regularly rising price for Case spare parts are forcing owners of expensive cars to look for affordable replacement parts for original parts from the manufacturer. Parts manufacturers offer customers two replacement options:

  • fairly high-quality spare parts "no name";
  • products very similar to the actual Case details - their price is usually formed by the misuse of this famous brand.

Many spare parts for Case (Case) equipment are quite simple to manufacture and having enough high-quality equipment can be manufactured in the shops of our company. The cost of the item is much cheaper, and the difference in price from the original can be a lot of money. Therefore, many of our customers order the production of parts from us. It can be anything: scrapers on the seeder, press wheels and support wheels on the seeder, hubs, shafts, axles, screws and much more.

The buyer himself has the right to decide which product he is best to buy in order to save. But we advise you to purchase the original product in the online store of our company, since hardly anyone else in Ukraine can offer it at such an affordable price.