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Spare parts for Claas

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The main concave threshing drum combine harvester Claas - 1312х610 mm
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Spare parts Claas Reasons for popularity

The products of enterprises focused on the creation of products for agriculture are always very popular. One of the most famous manufacturers that rely on agricultural machinery is the German company Claas The details produced by her invariably collect positive reviews not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. This manufacturer, like many other companies manufacturing equipment in Germany, is associated with German quality and reliability.

Spare parts Claas How to safely buy parts from the manufacturer

Combine harvesters, balers, tractors and reapers harvested at the company's production facilities rightfully occupy one of the leading positions in the market of our country. The complexity of the design of this technique does not in any way affect its reliability. Despite the fact that the number of parts and assemblies reaches many thousands, their high quality compensates for the complex device.

Sometimes increased demand gives rise to attempts to produce similar, not so high-quality spare parts. This part of aggressive manufacturers is divided into two categories:

  • companies trying to honestly copy spare parts for Klaas combines without hiding the true origin of the parts;
  • enterprises trying to present their products with original products - they are given too low a price.

This makes you contact the official representative of the manufacturer for help.

It is also possible in our company to order the production of spare parts for Claas on order. To do this, we need to give our engineers a sample of the part and after analysis, measurement and design, the designer will form a price. As a rule, the price for such a part is much lower than the original, and the quality is not worse. At our production facilities, you can fulfill both single orders and serial production of spare parts for Claas equipment .

Where can I get original Klaas spare parts

Our company’s website offers a wide range of original products. The online store has any spare parts, the Klaas combine or other products of the manufacturer can be immediately restored at the moment you wish.