Reaper sunflower 9.1 m

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Article: 10026

Reaper sunflower 9.1 m

In stock
Article: 10026
Reaper sunflower is rowless with a working width of 9.1 m, the minimum cutting height is 400 mm, and the maximum cutting height is 700 mm.
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Harvester header rowless for harvesting sunflower with a working width of 9.1 m:

  • are additional equipment for harvesting machines and is intended for harvesting sunflower of continuous sowing;
  • a worthy alternative to expensive branded peers and is not inferior to them in quality, technological and technical indicators, while price is affordable;
  • easily aggregated with all existing models of combines of world brands.

Advantages and design features of the Avers-Agro sunflower harvester:

  • simple design of the drive of working bodies;
  • the planetary drive of the knife is equipped with an original drive and a cutting device Schumaсher made in Germany;
  • three-blade reel with a gear pad;
  • reinforced frame construction;
  • the feed reel is protected by a casing;
  • adjustable header angle;
  • working bodies are protected by a system of peaks and protect the release of baskets of sunflower;
  • a stem lifter and a side divider with a spherical tip of a conical shape;
  • reliable design of the elevator;
  • planetary drive reduces the load on the knife head and extends its life;
  • distance between elevators is adjustable;
  • All elements of the equipment are powder coated, which protects against corrosion and extends the life of the device.


Productivity, ha / h ... on the combine
Working speed, km / h ... 7-8
Transport speed, no more than km / h ... 20
Working width, m ... 9.1
Minimum cutting height, mm ... 400
Maximum cutting height, mm ... 700
Rated power consumption, kW ... 3
Size of the universal joint fork for connecting the drive to the combine PTO ... 1 3/8 Z6
length, m ... 9.5
width, m ... 2.35
height, m ​​... 1.15
Unit weight, no more, kg ... 2900

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