Eco-houses of straw panels

Straw panels are made in factory conditions on the basis of production capacity of the company AVERS-agro.
Let's see what the panels!

Ecopanel is a wooden frame in which the pressed rye straw. The frame is made to the exact size. Provides greater strength and load carrying capacity that allows to build houses up to 3 floors. Despite the fact that the straw  is a natural material, the blocks are made only from rye straw, which do not attract rodents and pronouce because of its platni breaks tubular structure  keeping the stem in the air . This "new" material is not toxic, durability, high resistance to mould and pests. For fire protection otshtukaturili clay plaster to which is added the lime is a natural antiseptic. Also has excellent soundproofing, reliable and durable. Have high environmental performance, energy efficiency, fire resistance. But low production costs allow us to set home at a very affordable price. 

Panel is a modular system that gives you complete freedom in designing and design.

Standard panel dimensions which 3,0x0,8х0,4m, always available in stock. Non-standard (lintels, window sills, columns, corner panel, floor, ceiling, panels of triangular shape) are manufactured separately after the development of the project.

Panels are manufactured and completed after the preparation of the project.

in Addition to the construction of ecopanels, the company Ecosgroup provides services of construction, engineering, design, or a complete adaptation of Your sketch under technology ecopanels.

Certified builders will provide a number of Foundation, will perform all construction work, as well as external and internal finishes special materials, installation of window and door openings, solutions for systems of heating and ventilation.

Construction of houses from our panels saves time. Manufactures of straw in its technical characteristics is not inferior to any traditional construction, and even surpass it. And most importantly complies with all the requirements of residential construction.

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