Roller grinder plant residues 3M

New unit: roller chopper from 3M AVERS-agro.

the ice Rink is suitable for crushing as green plants, green manure and mulching of residues of krunoslava cultures.

the design of two rows of rollers with widths from 2.7 m to 6m, gives you the ability to adapt to soil and climatic conditions of our country, that is, work is conducted not only in dry clay or other lighter soils and heavy clay soils.

the amount of chopped residues is the proportion in length from 100 to 200 mm.

 the Improvement in grinding is also possible by equipping the chopper one of the rinks to choose from:

- water filled, when chopping strong crop residues, cylinders, drums filled with water, resulting in increased overall vehicle weight and therefore its crushing ability;

- frame, used to work in wet soil.

ice Rink does not require the drive of the working bodies of the GDP and is operating at working speeds up to 25 km / h, which delivers high performance - up to 8 ha / hour.

This approach helps to protect the microflora of the soil and allows not only to stabilize, but after a certain time to increase the humus content.

More technical data can be found on the page:http://avers-agro.com.ua/katok_izmelchitel_3m